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From Dave and Kelly

With so many important and likely historic events happening all around us right now, we’re hoping we will see changes in law and culture that will make our world more fair and right. But also, we have felt even more strongly that our long term hope of things being made right is by advancing Jesus’ Kingdom and making disciples - the very work this Union group keeps encouraging and inspiring us to do.

As many others have shared in these Union emails, trying to help our friends and neighbors meet and trust Jesus can feel like a slow process, and we often wonder “Are we doing this right? What should we do next?” We have initiated with our neighbors and acquaintances and have found that some just aren’t that friendly. On the other hand, some of them do seem to respond. Some are more willing to stop and chat when we are getting the mail. One woman, Sarah, always texts me back and always says yes to getting coffee or dinner together. Recently some of our neighbors asked us to cat sit while they are on vacation. Sarah recently asked us for our advice in handling a conflict she is having with her daughter.

Recently we’ve been encouraged by the story of Jesus sending out his disciples to different towns to serve and share the news of the Kingdom. But before they go he tells them how to know where to stay, spend time, and serve, and it’s based on just one deciding factor: where they’re welcomed. Their being received is such a big deal He even tells them, “ The one who listens to you listens to me.”

This story has us wondering if our being welcomed by people could reflect that something deeper is going on...that maybe if people are listening to us, there’s something Jesus is doing in them. Neighbors asking us to cat sit and a friend asking advice on something very near to her heart we previously might have written off as just natural affinity or friendliness, but we’re now wondering if this is Jesus saying to us, “here’s where I want you to stay. I am at work here.”

Thank you all for your encouragement to keep going.

Dave and Kelly

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