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Our Values

All the important standard stuff

All the very important pillars: the Gospel of Jesus, the Kingdom of God, the Holy Spirit and his work... among many other values and beliefs. They are expressed well on the Navigators website under Statement of Faith.  

In particular the Union values...

  1. The ordinary person leading the work of the Gospel. We are committed to installing non vocational ministers to their rightful place as leaders of the Gospel work. Everyone is called; no one gets a pass. We all must carry the weight and cost of this work together.    

  2. In the world, amongst non-Christians. This is stated in the Navigators calling statement, but it bears repeating. Disciple making must be done in the world, amongst those yet to know Christ.

  3. The whole Gospel. The Gospel of salvation and the Gospel of justice. The Gospel that gives us eternal life and the Gospel that gives abundant life of freedom here. The Gospel of Romans 3 and the Gospel of Isaiah 61. 

  4. An integrated life and witness. Rooted in love. Growing in righteousness. People see Christ in us as well as hear of Christ from us. 

  5. God's timing. We labor alongside God who determines when, where and how. Because of the Lord of the harvest, the urgent work is worth the wait.  

  6. The honor and glory of God. We exalt him, our Savior and the King of all.  

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