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Make A List

Who are the people in your life? Of those people, to whom has God opened a door for the Gospel? For whom has God given you a heart? It's probably not everyone. And it's probably not just the ones you like. 

A good exercise is, together with a couple others, jot down names of people from your family, friends, neighborhood, work place. People whose names come to mind as you ask yourself the above question. Take those names to God and ask him, "Are these the people to whom you've sent me?"  

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Pray for the people on your list

Isaiah 62:6,7 tells those who call on God to "give yourselves no rest. And give him no rest, until he establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth." Prayer is work. It is the work for those who believe that God decides. 

So, take those names from your list and make a daily prayer list. Start with two or three. And give yourselves no rest and give him no rest. Bother him with your incessant asking for the souls of your loved one.  

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Love them well

A working definition for love can be "To do something for another's good." You're already loving them by praying for them but extend that to other parts of life. Do good to people, serve them, be generous, merciful. Be mindful to live as lights in a dark world. 

A suggestion is to practice being observant of the needs around you. Willingness is not enough; we have to notice the needs. 

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Lead them to Christ

Look for opportunities to share Christ. With people in our lives, sharing Christ can happen quickly, but more than likely it will take time. Get yourself to want it so bad, you're willing to wait. Let God determine timing... remember and take heart, you've been bothering him in prayer. 

When the opportunities come, take them. Tell them your story. Tell them God loves them and that he sent Jesus for them. Like so many other things, sharing Christ is something you get good at by doing.  

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Help them grow

People do come to faith. When they do, help them grow up to maturity in Christ. A big part of helping them grow is to get them in the Bible, not just reading it as Christ's words to them but beginning to obey. 

With the Spirit of God living in them, as they begin to obey him, they grow up in every way into the fullness of Christ. Faith, hope and most of all love. You are teaching them to be lovers of God and lovers of people. 

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All this, we want to be doing in community. Something as heavy as disciple making, we don't want to lift on our own. We need one another. All throughout the process, right from the start, look for some people to do this with you. Maybe your church small group or some old friends with whom these seeds have already been planted. You may have to talk some people into it. 

Do not make the mistake, however, of waiting for a community before getting to work. The work of disciple making does not always flow in a nice linear sequence. Check out some thoughts on community in the blog section. 

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