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the Union

making disciples together

a ministry of the Navigators

What is making disciples?

We believe Jesus tells us in Matthew 28:18-20 that making disciples is leading some people to faith in Christ, and helping them grow to maturity in Him. 

we are

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A network

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making disciples

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of people in our lives

of ordinary people

committed to the work

to whom we've been sent

about us

The Union is a network of believers who share the common goal of loving and serving Christ through making disciples. By helping those around us who are searching for God through all the stages of their spiritual lives - from birth through maturity - we seek to take personal ownership of Jesus's instructions to make disciples who in turn make other disciples. Comprised of Christians in many different stages of life and scattered throughout the country, the Union's goal is to foster support and facilitate connections amongst kindred spirits who are engaged in work that can be both difficult and lonely but that will nonetheless always draw us closer to Christ.





"I created my own AAU basketball team called Faith and Basketball to share the gospel with the next generation. At practice we have bible studies, pray, and build relationships...  Living life and investing/discipling the youth is very important to me and my wife Kayla. 1Thessalonians 2:8


Dan and Kerah

"Why is making disciples of the people in our lives a compelling mission to pursue?  It is what God has called us to and there is no more important purpose here on earth.  Matthew 16:26 For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul?"



"Everyone ought to have a chance to know God and what His Son did for us. Discipling among my world of friends, coworkers, neighbors and family gives an opportunity for that."


getting started

Want to join us?

Being part of the Union is simple:

  1. You are making disciples (think it's a good idea to make disciples) of the people in your everyday life, both Christians and non-Christians.

  2. Get on our mailing list by emailing

  3. You are connecting with others in the Union. A good place to start would be to email someone in the "Places" section. 

Ed's list (six not so easy steps)

1. Make a list - a list of people in your life.

2. Pray for those on your list.

3. Love them well - spend time with them, serve, do good. 

4. Lead them to Christ - share the gospel in word and deed.

5. Help them grow - teach them to obey Jesus.

6. Community - talk some others into doing this with you.


Contact: Bryan and Erin Thigpen

Contact: Jane Sugiura

Contact: Kyu Ho Lee

Contact: Tim Chou

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