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From Graydon

We moved from San Diego to Raleigh, North Carolina about five years ago. We have three daughters that were 10, 9, and 4 years old at the time. Our first home here was a rental house in a 4 year old neighborhood. Even though we kind of expected it, the first six months was pretty lonely. It later became clear that the neighbors around us were not interested in getting to know us because we were the 4th family in 4 years to live in that home. Just about everybody else were owners. That’s the pattern in this growing city… rent for a year while your new home is built. Long story short we bought a new home in a brand new community a year later, and socially I would compare it to a freshman year in college. We are all owners in this together, so pretty much everyone is open/almost wanting to meet you. “Hey what’s your name? Where did you guys move from? Welcome to the neighborhood.” There’s been numerous social cliques that have come and gone over the past 3.5 years. Couples bbqs, guys nights, girls book club, social committee, etc. Some people just don’t get along. Actually we found it’s hard to find couples we both click with. Most of these groups fizzled. My wife, Melody is more gifted at discerning which friendships to pursue. I got a few guys I hang out with for golf, camping, and occasional guys night. Melody is more connected... one surprising group is she plays dominoes with some retired ladies, lol. One thing we are learning: strategic evangelism just doesn’t work for us. I am more of the genuine, long-haul type of friendship. Another thing we are learning is that God moves where He wants to... despite our efforts. (He’s laughing at me right now.). Our Catholic neighbors go to our church now. It started when Taylor (our 8 yr old daughter) was telling their 7 yr old daughter about the Trinity while her mom was driving them to a play date. She wants her kids to understand the Bible more. We are also in a small group with them with our church. Anyway that’s some tidbits from our messy life. I’m encouraged by this group to keep loving people around me. Blessings to you guys! -Graydon w/ Melody

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