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Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

These will be the last couple emails I write as the primary "voice" of our work -- I hear I might get to chime in as a contributor down the line... we'll see. With the first of these last two, I'd like to say again what the Union is.

The first seven years of being a Christian, my discipleship were marked by two things: First, someone made a commitment to help me grow in my faith. I was discipled. This commitment was part of a community of people serious about obeying Christ. Second, I learned that a life of faith was not a private life. Jesus made disciples in the world, among those who did not believe in him.

I have been zealous for the Church that would do these two things well: Raise up mature disciples of Christ, and do it out in the open, in the world for all to see.

The Union is a scattered network of mature Christians who are committed to making disciples - mature followers of Christ - from the "soil" of our everyday lives, amongst family, friends, co-workers and neighbors, both Christian and non-Christian. Helpful analogies may be like an association, like the NRA; or like an order, like the Jesuits.

Why "scattered"? It's practical. It's a response to what God does. He scatters us; he sends us into the world. By putting the emphasis on our scattered state, we hope to encourage you to "practice" your Christianity where you are.

Why a "network"? Because we need a community (A community is not exclusively local. Think extended family) of like-minded, like-hearted co-workers for encouragement. Making disciples of the people in our lives is no joke. Knowing there are others throughout the city committed to this way of life is huge!

How do I become a member?

1. Do the work. Commit to making disciples of the people in your everyday life, both Christian and non-Christians.

2. Stay connected to the network: Follow these emails. Attend/participate in quarterly local gatherings.

3. Pray for one another and the work of the Union. (We have a need to figure out a good communication mechanism for prayer)

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