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From Sam

Hello friends, my name is Sam Nguyen. My wife Tivian and I have been married for 11 years. We currently live in Orange County, CA with our 3 boys, my mom, and my sister. Disciple-making for us has been messy and difficult, and I think that's totally normal. My dad passed away over a year ago (Nov 2017). Soon after that, my wife and I decided to temporarily forgo our plans to start a new life in the Pacific Northwest and move in with my mom, into the house I grew up in. Living with one's mother (or mother-in-law) can have it's own, uh...unique challenges. Shortly after we moved in, my wife and I read this verse in Proverbs: Listen to your father who gave you life, and do not despise your mother when she is old. God must have known that we needed that verse. The Bible also instructs us to care for widows, and we are often reminded of that when our attitudes turn sour. We love God, but have a lot of trouble getting ourselves to transport 3 boys (5, 2, and 6mo) out of the house to church where without fail they end up crying bloody murder once we drop them off at Sunday school. Doesn't matter what church, they don't really care for any of them. So on Sunday, I try to spend some time reading stories from a children's Bible to Adam, our oldest. We try not to work on Sundays in observance of the Sabbath and recognition of God's provision for us, but sometimes we do. I try to avoid junk media (like staring at my phone) on weekends, but often fail. At work, I try to build relationships with co-workers and their families. We invited a couple families over for dinner and we've gotten reciprocal invites. We've done this and handful times over the past couple of years. It's an extremely long game as far as discipleship goes. I don't really know what my next "move" should be. I pray for them and continue to spend time with them. All this to say, our life is a jumbled mess. We are constantly trying to "get there". To a place where we feel settled and are in a better position to "do ministry". A recent conversation with Kyu Ho helped me realize there is no "there" (at least on Earth). There is no better time to make disciples, love & serve your neighbor than where you are, here and now. And God can use you just

as you are (which might be a mess).

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