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Our Construct: Like an Association Part 2

Last week, I got lunch with Eddie Han. Without intending to, we met at the exact same spot of our very first meeting. This time, Eddie was there as a recruiter for the State Department. When we sat down with our choice offerings from Panda Express, it dawned on me that it had been almost exactly 20 years since our initial meeting - same month for sure.

In October of 1997, Eddie was a bleached hair, eyebrow pierced, college freshman. Now he's a disciple of Christ, a husband and father.

During our lunch, we got to talk a bit about what I wrote last week, about our construct being like an association - an association of disciple makers.

Associations are formed around some sort of commonality. Here's our commonality:

We are committed to Jesus' call on us to go make disciples of all nations. That is to share the Gospel of Jesus with our non-Christian friends, family, neighbors... And help those who come to faith grow to maturity in Christ. Birth to maturity.

As we talked, we realized that unless we commit to the above as a commonality among us, being part of an association with one another won't make any sense. Like a gun enthusiast who's given up guns has no need for the NRA, a Christian who has no plans to make a disciple has no need for The Union.

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