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Community Part 4

In past emails, I've written about our last effort with building community. It didn't go as planned. We decided to try to build community with our non-Christian friends with the hope that some would come to faith, making us this transforming community. It proved to be a bit ambitious. Not that it can't happen; it just didn't with us.

Since the unraveling of that community, we've been recovering... well, maybe the recovering went to complacency for awhile. Lately, we've been feeling a bit of conviction. We really need to make an effort with Christians.

Here's how we're planning to get back on the horse. We're going to start nice and easy. Get together with one family that checks off a bunch of stuff:

1. They love God.

2. They are close - approximately five miles away.

3. They're open to disciple making.

4. Not exactly, but pretty close to same stage of life.

They don't check off everything, but how many things in life check off everything? Exactly. None.

Community - joining, building... whatever - is like everything else. It's a step of faith. It's going to require work. It's not going to be perfect. And... this is a big one, it's not primarily for you.

We're jumping in... actually, it's more like, gingerly wading in... like old people at the beach.

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