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Community Part 2

Last week, Ruben and Katrina Navarrete shared with us a poignant little story about their experience with community.

I'd like keep us on the subject they so beautifully opened for us. Admittedly, I have a limited understanding of community. I've more often been pleasantly surprised by community than been a successful cultivator of it. And so, I can't offer much more than keeping the conversation going.

A couple months ago, I got a chance to talk with a room full of Navigators collegiate staff. The discussion was around essential elements of a healthy collegiate work. During our time, I said something like this, "With 20s I meet, community is one of the most important, least understood aspect of their life."

That statement applies to me too.

As I've written before, a life of faith is not a solitary journey. Furthermore, I'm pretty convinced that making disciples of the people in our lives is best done in community. And it's No. 6 on Ed's List (A simple disciple maker's "to do" list)

1. Make a hit list (Ed's words, not mine. Feel free to soften)

2. Pray for those on your... um, hit list.

3. Love them well - spend time, serve, do good.

4. Lead them to Christ - share the Gospel in word and deed.

5. Help them grow - Teach them to obey Jesus.

6. Community - talk some people into doing all this with you.

Community is important. So, even though I don't know much about it, I'm going to write about it. Hope you chime in and save me. Please...

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