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Ed's List

Last week, up in LA, I got to hang out with Eddie and Monica and their kids, Joey and Ramona. What a beautiful family! Had a great time watching Ed and Monica love on their kids. Whilst in the controlled chaos that is an evening with a three and a one year old, we managed to squeeze in some conversation.

At one point, we talked about how nebulous this Union thing can feel. Making disciples of the people in our lives is an agreeable enough mission statement, but how to start? Where to begin? Then Eddie rattled off this beauty of a list:

1. Make a hit list - (His words, not mine. Feel free to soften)

2. Pray for those on your... um, hit list.

3. Love them well - spend time, serve, do good.

4. Lead them to Christ - share the Gospel in word and deed.

5. Help them grow - Teach them to obey Jesus.

6. Community - try to talk some people into doing this with you. (I'm not convinced this is a prerequisite to start)

I'm rereading Cost of Discipleship by Bonhoeffer. In Chapter Two, Bonhoeffer talks about the parallel between the rich young ruler of Mark 10 and the lawyer of Luke 10. About the lawyer, asking, "Who is my neighbor?" Bonhoeffer writes:

But in the moment he asks it, although he knows the answer, he wishes to evade the obligation to obey the commandment of God. The only answer he receives is: "You already know your duty; do it and you will live.

The point isn't knowing it all, but being compelled by love to move when you know barely enough.

Eddie ain't gonna to like this, but I think we need to call this Ed's List.

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